How to strike up a conversation with anybody

3-step Conversation Formula helps you avoid awkward silences–and never run out of things to say

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The Art of Charm Residential Bootcamp

Master the art of conversation and overcome your social anxiety

  • Improve your social skills so you can feel confident in every situation
  • Overcome those fears, doubts, and insecurities that are holding you back
  • Work with world renowned coaches with over 11 years experience
  • Luxury accommodations provided in beautiful Los Angeles, CA
  • Join an alumni network with thousands of members

Results You Can Expect

  • Andrew J

    Andrew J

    Before going the Art of Charm, my success with developing a relationship were hit or miss. I found The Podcast and started seeing changes and others saw in me too. Nothing can compare to the experience, knowledge and coaching that I had in person. My confidence in social settings is sky high and everyone has taken notice. […]

    Brian M

    Brian M

    I was super hesitant about AoC because it seemed like a big investment. I had done other workshops with other so-called ‘coaches’ and while they were kind of helpful, they didn’t really make any lasting change. However when it came to meeting people and managing relationships, I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own and needed to do something. The AoC bootcamp turned out to be a ton of fun and gave me just what I was looking for. […]

  • Moise A

    Moise A

    Signing up for the AoC Bootcamp has been my greatest investment to improve myself and change my life.

    I gained so much confidence in my ability to connect and deepen my relationships with people. It’s amazing how much easier it has been to meet new people and create instant connections. I have the exact same personality, the only thing that has changed is my mindset and a few behaviors. […]

    Will E

    Will E

    The AoC taught me about 98% of what I was hoping it would. I’m now attracting more and higher-quality people into my life, I’m more confident in any social environment and I have much better body language and non-verbal communication. I now really look forward to my nights out and crazy stuff seems to be happening all the time. One thing that really exceeded my expectations on the course was how much fun I had. The coaches were awesome […]

  • Steve W

    Steve W

    When I made the decision to attend an AoC program, I didn’t realize I was making a choice that would change my life forever. I am so much more confident in my ability to connect with both men and women. The coaches were amazing! My favorite part about the program was the tailored feedback, I grew by leaps and bounds each day because of the coach and peer feedback I received. […]

    Ben B

    Ben B

    The Art of Charm changed my life–so much so that I (and friends I haven’t seen in months) barely recognize me. I’m still the same person, to be sure, just with lots of new skills and without so many of the fears and insecurities that had been holding me back before I began listening to The Art of Charm Podcast just a few months ago. I had high expectations going in to my boot camp and can honestly say that AOC exceeded them […]

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In-Person Private Training:

The Art of Charm BootcampThe Art of Charm Bootcamp

Spend 6 days with world-renowned coaches to gain the confidence in your social, professional, and personal life

  • Build a strong network of friends and get more invites to parties, trips, and gatherings
  • Conquer deep fears of rejection, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome that keep you from connecting with people
  • Naturally attract quality people and deepen your relationships (no gimmicks, hacks, or tricks)
  • Catch your charisma blind spots — and fix them right away
  • Command influence and respect in any room you walk into
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AJ Harbinger

Co-founder, The Art of Charm

Former cancer biologist turned world-class relationship development coach. With his background as a biologist, AJ brings scientific, evidence-based approach to confidence and charisma. He’s spent over 10 years coaching men how to build confidence, deepen relationships, and create social capital.


Meet Your Instructors


Johnny Dzubak

Co-founder, The Art of Charm

Johnny wasn’t always this charismatic. He eventually learned the art of persuasion, influence and charisma while in the music business. And now, he’s a confidence and networking coach at Art of Charm.

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